400% Return On Our Services For A Small Business Owner On The Coffs Coast

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Helping A Small Shop On Coffs Coast Increase Their Profits And Simply Their Business
The Big Transformation Of A Small Coffs Coast Business
How Empower Transformed A Small Coffs Coast Business In Just 6 Weeks

As it often goes with small businesses in tourist destinations such as Coffs Harbour, Bondi Beach and Byron Bay, managing costs can be a difficult endeavor, especially in the hospitality sector. Balancing wages, food costs, bookkeeping and everything in between can be a tricky task. 

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Six weeks ago, a small shop on Coffs Coast came to us searching for a way to simplify their bookkeeping, reduce food costs, and balance their wages while keeping their employees happy. It’s no easy feat, and managing the books can be an overwhelming burden for owners that may not have the time or energy to dive in headfirst.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

EMPOWERING Your Business

A quick call with Damien helped them identify their goals and form a plan of action…

And once we hit the ground running, the business began to transform.In just a month and a half, this small Coffs Coast takeaway business was able to get back on track and start seeing some meaningful results.

  • The shop was able to reduce wages, saving the business 7% or $1,900 over the month…
  • Their revenue increased by 12% or $3,500 in October alone…
  • They’ve managed to renegotiate credit limits with all suppliers to increase their cash flow…
  • They’ve even organised a Christmas party, which is going to act as a massive source of publicity, and secure new customers down the line!

And now they’re looking to expand their business with the launch of a catering menu, a move that will help them increase their revenue even further. 

Are you ready to simplify your business?

This is just a small example of how EMPOWER can help your business not only in the short term, but also in the long run. Damien and the team at EMPOWER are here to help you remember why you got into this business. Leave the books to us, and let us set you on a path to success!