Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable in Business Decisions




1. Introduction: Embracing Discomfort for Growth

In a world wired for comfort, settling into routines and familiar territories is easy. Yet, growth and success often lie beyond our comfort zones. As business professionals, we can learn from the experiences of athletes like Siri Lindley, who embraced discomfort to achieve greatness. Just as athletes push their limits, we must conquer the fear of discomfort to thrive in our careers, relationships, and personal aspirations by taking risks.

2. Identify the Source of Discomfort

The journey to comfort with discomfort begins with understanding its source. While it’s evident when we’re uncomfortable, digging deeper reveals vulnerability as the root cause. Identifying this vulnerability – facing a new client, navigating a new relationship, or tackling unfamiliar challenges – empowers us to address discomfort head-on and build resilience.

3. Vulnerability and Certainty: Unraveling the Connection

Vulnerability often clashes with our need for certainty. In embracing discomfort, we must relinquish our need to control outcomes. By accepting reality’s imperfections and letting go of “shoulds” and “shouldn’t,” we make space for growth. Author Byron Katie’s wisdom applies here: “When you argue with reality, you lose – but only 100% of the time.”

4. Replace Fear with Gratitude

Shifting from discomfort to comfort involves gratitude. Gratitude dispels fear and invites abundance. As Tony Robbins emphasizes, gratitude helps us confront our fears. By appreciating the present moment, regardless of its challenges, we transform discomfort into an opportunity for growth.

5. Reframe Your Mindset

Questioning our beliefs is pivotal in this journey. Byron Katie’s approach of asking rather than letting go of concepts enables us to transcend limiting beliefs. Our need for certainty, though reassuring, can hinder growth. As Brené Brown suggests, accepting uncertainty and vulnerability leads to joy, creativity, belonging, and love.

6. Embrace Uncertainty for Change

Uncertainty and vulnerability drive transformation. Brown’s insight highlights how these discomforts foster growth, and this concept can be applied to the business realm. When we see uncertainty as a catalyst for innovation, we replace self-imposed barriers with empowering beliefs, ultimately becoming more comfortable with discomfort.

7. Repetition: The Path to Comfort

Practice makes comfort – the more we expose ourselves to discomfort, the more we grow accustomed to it. A neurochemical response reinforces this process: facing new challenges releases dopamine, supporting that such experiences are beneficial. This cycle of discomfort and reward builds our capacity to handle challenges, contributing to our comfort in uncomfortable situations.

8. Business Application: Embracing Change and Risk

In the business landscape, embracing discomfort is essential for growth. New opportunities, market shifts, and technological advancements demand our adaptability. By identifying the source of discomfort – venturing into uncharted territories or adopting novel strategies –we pave the way for innovation and success.

9. Building Resilience Through Discomfort

Just as athletes endure demanding training to build resilience, business professionals can similarly cultivate strength through discomfort. Engaging in challenging projects, negotiating tough deals, and learning from failures boosts the ability to thrive amidst uncertainty. This resilience is a critical asset in navigating the ever-evolving corporate landscape.

10. Setting Uncomfortable Goals

To truly embrace discomfort, set intentional, uncomfortable goals. These goals include public speaking engagements, pursuing new business ventures, or networking in unfamiliar circles. Each step outside the comfort zone strengthens our ability to thrive in uncomfortable situations, positioning us for sustained success and increasing productivity.

11. Conclusion: Unlocking Your Unlimited Potential

The journey from discomfort to comfort is one of continuous growth and transformation. We can thrive in our professional and personal lives by identifying vulnerabilities, embracing uncertainty, boundary setting, reframing our mindset, and repeating exposure to discomfort. Just as athletes push beyond their limits, business professionals must stretch their boundaries to achieve greatness. By cultivating comfort with discomfort, we unlock our unlimited potential and pave the way for a future characterized by growth, innovation, and success.


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