Interview with Damien

– You’ve been in business for five years now.
Why did you decide to create EMPOWER Agency?

After working in retail, banking, financial services and insurance, as well as
retail and hospitality, I could see a gap in the market for business support.
After seeing owners struggling with the load of wearing all the hats, I knew I
could help them by coming in as an outsourced partner in whatever capacity
they needed. While some agencies offer consultancy and others are coaches, I wanted to combine the two, so EMPOWER Agency was born!

EMPOWER Agency has grown to a team of six, and I’m really proud of how far we have
come in such a short time.

Why do your clients engage you?

As well as helping small to medium-sized business owners become even more successful, we are unique, providing both managerial and hands-on
practical support. Some clients say they need a business partner, and some
want to be accountable to someone who drives them to achieve their
business goals. Others want to lower their stress levels by having professional
support in tackling the tough stuff. We help clients cut through the noise and
focus on what will grow their profits and make their lives easier!

Why do your clients need you?

As well as providing financial analytics and bookkeeping services, we develop
cost-effective marketing strategies, human resources support, software and
systems integration, data migration, help to keep compliance, insurance
analysis, change management and operational management. In addition, we
fill the existing gaps in the business structure and work holistically on short-
and long-term goals.

How much do you cost?

With no lock-in contracts and packages starting from $373 per week, we give
you an excellent return on investment, being performance-based.

We add value to your existing team. We help you increase turnover, cut costs
and grow profits.