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What does success mean to you?

Your success is our reward



We help small to medium sized business owners reach their definition of success.

Our unique mix of coaching along with practical financial and managerial support means we work holistically with you on your precious business.

We partner with the person who knows your business inside out.


Whatever your definition of success is, let us help get you there.


Perhaps you need a change, or you are feeling stuck.

We offer coaching and mentoring.

We also run workshops and training.


Coaching Packages

You might want a push (or shove) to get you going again. You may be at a crossroads, deciding which way to turn. Perhaps you need support to realise your full potential and work on a roadmap to success.You might be drowning in responsibilities and need practical help as well.


Coaching from $373 pw

Coaching + Practical Support from $747pw

One off Coaching

You might just need someone to bounce off. So book an hour or two with us and get two consultants to discuss your situation. Bring a list of questions. We may throw ideas at you, get you to think about things from a different perspective and show you what we think might be possible.


Two consultants for 1.5 hours for $633




You might be a start-up or have changed careers. Mentors offer information from their professional perspective in an informal way. We can meet for coffee or lunch to listen, offer guidance and be there to encourage you through this tricky bit. We love to help support young entrepreneurs.


Pro Bono on application


Just say your business has decided to update all its workplace policies around health and safety, or your customer complaints procedure has been refreshed. Or you would like your staff to learn about micro-skills and boundary setting. Or how to manage stress with self-care strategies. We can design a workshop and deliver the training.

Price on Application


We are upfront and transparent with our clients.
We pride ourselves on total confidentiality, and our clients trust us.

That’s how we do our best work for you. You’re the boss!

We also want you to know all about us, and here are some of the burning questions you may have.
Feel free to contact us with anything else you need to know.

What do you actually do?

We help solve your business’s challenges so you can reach your definition of success. We collaborate and create with you as outsourced managers and business coaches.

We work holistically and strategically.

Of course, everyone wants to grow profits, right?

How much do you cost?

We have a few packages and pricing structures. Perhaps start with coaching from $373 pw or coaching + practical support from $747 pw.  Or book in for a FREE EMPOWER Session where we can discuss the possibilities.

There are NO lock in contracts and we only charge month to month.

Why use an agency?

By outsourcing the “gaps” in your business structure, such as HR, financial or operational management, you don’t need to commit to employing another team member. If you can even find them right now.

No recruiting, onboarding, training or risk. No stress.

How do you measure your performance?

Weekly and monthly we summarise what we have worked on and achieved with you.
We can more carefully analyse your data by completing your bookkeeping as part of our service, along with your accountant. We work collaboratively with your existing team.

Most of our clients wonder how they did without us.

What kind of services do you offer?

Business management including financial analysis, budgeting, human resources, marketing, customer relationships, CRM data migration, coaching and mentoring. We get involved with insurance claims, business case studies, public relations, menu design, sales training techniques ….

and much more!

What industries do you work with?

We specialise in hospitality and tourism, creatives and the arts, IT and communications, manufacturing, fitness, retail, building and manufacturing to name a few. At any one time, we work with a select group of clients to ensure no conflicts of interest.

Every business is unique.




Coaching with us helps you reach specific business goals. First, we spend time with you and listen carefully to your challenges and needs. Then, we investigate what makes you and your business tick. Next, we support you in developing an overarching and holistic strategy for the long-term success of the business in a time frame that is realistic and achievable.


Every business owner can benefit from coaching. We all here at EMPOWER have mentors and coaches who have helped us on our journey. It can be beneficial to have a coach to be accountable to, especially when you are working on your business alone. As you know your business better than anyone else, your coach will collaborate with you so that you can easily integrate new strategies and be inspired to new heights!


Coaching is done in a coaching session of around 90 minutes a fortnight or 45 mins weekly, depending on what suits you best. Coaching can be quite intensive and requires you to be prepared with what you need from the sessions and report back on what you have achieved so far. Coaching is not for the faint-hearted; it requires you to put in the effort to get the results we have agreed on. On the other hand, a consultant is a coach and outsourced manager in one. It still requires goal setting. However, the day-to-day running of the business and refining of its systems and processes are also included.


The signs will be there: lack of motivation, feeling like you’re snowed under and not getting anywhere, not feeling excited to work on your “baby”, feeling frustrated or annoyed with the people you are working with, lacking direction, feeling “stuck” or maybe wondering what it would be like to sell and get out forever!  We can help you work out what’s next.


Natalie Jandl
Natalie Jandl
5. September, 2022.
I really needed help with my business finances. Damien helped me break down my business operations and finances to make it easier to manage.
5. September, 2022.
Having just set up a new business Damien at Empower was the person I went too. He has been incredible thru the whole process guiding myself and my business partner along the way and enabling us to have a truly streamline approach to our new venture. His knowledge and hard work in getting us set up has taken so much of the pressure off us. We are forever grateful to Damien. SPACE - Yoga on Bray
Rhi Mitchell
Rhi Mitchell
5. September, 2022.
Empower agency has really helped my small business go to the next level.
Neue Skin Clinic
Neue Skin Clinic
24. February, 2022.
I highly recommend Empower agency. Damien's enthusiasm for my business and future plans was refreshing. It was great to have the numbers crunched to see what changes I needed to make moving forward. Thank you .
Callum Clifford
Callum Clifford
21. February, 2022.
I highly recommend Damien from Empower Agency, his knowledge and expertise was well appreciated in setting up and running my new business.
joshua chapman
joshua chapman
17. February, 2022.
Damien and the team helped by bring in new strategies to implement business growth and we saw results instantly since we started with empower agency and it’s still growing. Can’t recommend anyone better!
Melissa Jupp
Melissa Jupp
16. January, 2022.
Highly recommend Damien and Empower agency. As a business owner I found the admin side of my business slipping away from me, that’s when I reached out to Empower. Within weeks Damien had my business sorted and everything up to date. We then moved onto setting targets, implementing strategies and really focussing on the growth of my business. Damien is highly professional but at the same time super approachable and realistic, it’s important to have someone you can trust on your side to genuinely care about you and your business.
Jules Vandermaat
Jules Vandermaat
16. December, 2021.
Damien was recommended to us by two friends who are both local small business owners. He has helped us so much with streamlining the systems within our business, which has already made a difference. This will save us time, money and future frustration headaches. He has also coached us on things like learning to use one drive properly, which we just had no idea about as people in our 50s. And he has great "bigger vision" ideas for business which I could never access on my own, as I was so bogged down in the annoying little details and things I couldn't do. I highly recommend Damien and his services.
Michelle G
Michelle G
20. November, 2021.
Damien from EMPOWER Agency has been a part of Fries On The Side for only 8 weeks, but has packed a massive punch. From day one Damien implemented a number of systems from monitoring food and wages costs through to establishing additional income streams. My business profit has excelled, and I saw a 400% return on the fees paid for the services EMPOWER Agency provides. Massive thank you to Damien, and the team at EMPOWER Agency.
BathTime Productions
BathTime Productions
12. November, 2021.
As a business owner I highly recommend Damien and Empower Agency. Damien very quickly understood our needs as a business, he identified where we needed assistance to improve our systems and work flow, and helped us focus on our future goals and what we needed to implement to grow as a business. Damien is incredibly responsive and knowledgable about all facets of small business, and is also adaptable to the individual needs and nature of specific types of business. I feel Damien is genuinely invested in our success and has been integral to our growth as a business but also has made us better business owners.

EMPOWER Agency would like to acknowledge and pay our respects to the First People of Australia, and the Gumbaynggirr people who are the traditional custodians and guardians of the land we call home. We pay our respects to ancestors and Elders past and present.



To give someone more control over their life.

To empower someone is to give them the means to achieve something, for example to become stronger and more successful.

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